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One Way I Keep Quilting Squares in Order

use plastic bags to organize quilt squares

To me, the most challenging (and sometimes frustrating) part of quilting is the transition between laying out all your squares in the order you want them and keeping them in that order before sewing them together.

A huge display wall would make it easier, but I don’t have one. And unless we move I never will. So, like most people, I improvise.

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A Few Quilting Tips

I wrote this post planning on using it to go along with the pinwheel quilt tutorial I’ll be posting soon. But after I was done, I realized it applies to any quilt you might make.

This post might or might not seem like common sense. Either way, I’ve listed some things I do to speed up the quilting process a bit.  It’s nothing earth-shattering, but when I started quilting, I didn’t do them. Now I do, and quilting is even better than it used to be!

First, I usually cut all my fabric at the same time.

cutting several fabric pieces at once

I make stacks of cut fabric and stacks of blocks waiting to be sewn. There’s usually no reason to completely finish one block at a time. This is a stack of small blocks waiting to be sewn together.

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