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Cute Quilted Throw Pillow

quilted throw pillow

I had some fabric left over from when I was in my mug rug frenzy, so I thought I’d use it and make a quick quilted throw pillow cover.

I wanted my pillow cover to be 16.5 inches square when done, so used my rotary cutter to cut thirty-six 3.25″ blocks.

Then I put then on my fancy fleece quilt wall-thing (Love it, even if I don’t know what to call it.) so I could make sure I like the lay-out.


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How to Make a Pillow Case from an Old Sheet

If you have an old sheet lying around, then you can whip these up in no time. And, for the best results, I recommend using the oldest, softest sheet you can find. (So it might not be the prettiest pillow case you’ve ever seen, but it will be the most comfortable!) Old sheets make the. best. pillowcases. ever. My 3 year old calls them “cold pillows,” I guess because the fabric is so cool and soft to the touch. In fact, he’ll wake up in the middle of the night screaming for his cold pillow if it’s fallen on the floor and he can’t find it. 🙂

First, measure an old pillow case to figure out how much fabric you need. My pillow case was 18 inches wide and 31.5 inches long. So I needed my fabric to measure 37 inches by 32.5. (18 + 18 = 36 and + 1 for seam allowances = 37 inches.) (31.5 + 1 for seam allowances)

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