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Still Here

I’m still here! I just haven’t been able to work on my quilts as much as I would like. Both my kids birthdays are this time of year, so that keeps us busy.

Anyway, I was finally able to sew some of my hour glass blocks into strips. I have 6 or 7 done. I’m enjoying it, but I’m ready to start a new quilt. I’ve been browsing fabric online. I think my next one’s going to be much calmer and feminine.

Here are a few of my strips.

5 hourglass quilt strips

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Finally…..Laying Out Squares on the Hourglass Quilt

Anyone care to guess how many squares you see?

hour glass quilt squares close-up

Anyway, I finally finished all the squares and now I’m trying to get them all in the right places and blinding myself in the process! ha! It’s so annoying how one square put down the wrong way totally ruins the whole design. And so weird how I double and triple checked before I took this picture, but then immediately found 3 mistakes when I looked at it on my computer screen.

And if you guessed 156 blocks, you would be correct!

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