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Easy Envelope Pillow Tutorial

These envelope pillow tutorials are all over the Internet, but I figured if everyone else has one, why can’t I? 🙂 These are easy to make and literally take me about 10 minutes.

Like most things there are several ways to do this, but this is what works for me.

To figure out the size you need to cut your fabric:
Width: width of your pillow + 1 inch.
Length: length of your pillow x 2 + 6 inches.

(My pillows are 18×18 inches, so Icut my fabric 19 inches wide and 42 inches long.) If you want them to be kind of baggy and loose, add an inch, if you want them to fit snugly, make them close to the actual pillow dimensions like I did. I like them to be snug because I think they look better, but that’s just me.



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New Pillows for Fall

I feel like it was last week that I made these, but somehow summer has come and gone, and fall is right around the corner.

So, I made more pillows. They needed to be replaced anyway, with 2 boys and a dog they were disgusting a little rough around the edges.

So, I made these…..

3 envelope throw pillows

I love them and they were super easy to make. I also made up a little tutorial which I will post this week.

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