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Finished my Patchwork Quilt

completed honey honey patchwork quilt

I finished! Finally. It’s kind of a big deal for me to actually finish a quilt. I’m great about starting, not so great about finishing.

sideview patchwork quilt

I posted about it here and I used it to make a few binding tutorials. It was super easy and very quick to make. I just procrastinated with the binding, as usual. I did, however, machine stitch the binding rather than handstitch for the first time. It went much, much faster of course, but I don’t think it looks quite as nice. I learned some things that I’ll do differently next time. So, hopefully with practice I’ll get better.

binding view of patchwork quilt

I used a vintage sheet for the backing, also a first for me. All in all, I’m excited about finishing another quilt and am ready to keep working on the other two I’ve got going.

ETA: The finished size is ~ 46 X 55 and if you’re interested in making one, I have some instructions here.

Happy Quilting! 🙂



  1. This quilt is beautiful! I want to make a quilt for my daughter- is there instructions for this one and what’s the completed size? I want to make one to fit a single bed. Thankyou!

    • Hi Stephanie! I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Your comment went to SPAM for some reason and I rarely check that folder. Anyway, thank you so much and I have gone back and added 2 links that should help you make a similar quilt, if you’re still wanting to do so. Just scroll to the bottom. If you have any questions, let me know! (And the finished quilt was ~ 46 x 55.)

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