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Current State of My Sewing Room

This week has been full of swimming lessons and golf clinics, so sadly my sewing machine has sat all by herself, lonely and ignored. 😉

my sewing machine

The sad state of my hourglass quilt. I have a new plan, however. I’m going to try sashing. Otherwise, it’s just too busy, so hopefully sashing will help.

hourglass quilt waiting

If you were wondering about my “Plus Quilt,” here she is….. I’ll finish it one day!

state of the plus quilt

And this one (hiding under my quilt ruler) is so close to being finished. All that’s left to do is finish sewing on the binding.

charm pack quilt

I’ve got all these books with all these wonderful projects that I never have the time to make.

project books

And lots of cute fabric.

fabric stash

And of course art work by my most fave artists.


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