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Still Here and Look I Bought!


Look what came in the mail last week. It’s sooo pretty. Can’t wait to start a new quilt, after I’ve quilted this one.

Finally Made a (Quilt Backing) Decision

Remember this quilt top? It’s not that old, but I have left it sitting all alone in my sewing room for several weeks while I thought about it’s backing. Poor quilt. 🙂

Well, I finally came to a decision. Several weeks ago I got lucky at a thrift store and found several vintage sheets. (I can never find vintage sheets…. and at least I think they’re vintage, if not then they are vintage-ish.) Anyway, I pulled them out the other night and I think this one is going to look perfect with this quilt top.

vintage sheet I will use as quilt backing

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Make a Nine Patch Quilt Block Using Four Fabrics

In response to my tutorial about how to make a nine patch quilt block, someone asked if I had any suggestions about how to make a 9 patch quilt using 4 fabrics. So I decided to play around with 4 fabrics and see what all I could come up with.

(But really, what do I know? 🙂 I just love to buy fabric and try to actually finish make quilts. So, what I would suggest is just to play with your fabric and see what looks good to you. Although, one thing I have learned is that contrast is almost always good. So what I did was use 2 dark and 2 light fabrics, which provided contrast.)

My first thought was to use 2 fabrics in each square. Then separate them with sashing. (Sashing is just a piece of fabric that separates all your quilt squares. I love sashing. I need to do a post on sashing……)

Anyway, here’s an example of that.

two nine patch quilt squares with sashing

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