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More Courthouse Steps Quilt Blocks

After my post last week I couldn’t stop making these blocks.

I made this one, which made me want to run out and make a toddler quilt. Wouldn’t it be cute with white sashing? (I wanted to add another “step” of the blue fabric, but I was all out of that fabric.)

courthouse steps quilt block with polka dots

Then I made this one, which I guess is the inverse of the one from the other day. I started with a color in the middle instead of white in the middle.

courthouse steps quilt block

Then I pulled out some Christmas fabric that I love. Of course, it’s the week before Easter…. but why not make a Christmas pillow cover? 🙂 I added linen “steps” between my quilt fabric. I love it! I  need to bring in different textures and fabrics more often. I used this fabric to make this Christmas quilt and these Christmas pillows.

courthouse steps quilt block using Christmas fabric

I tried to make a teeny-tiny block, but I didn’t have the patience to finish it so I just threw it away. Wouldn’t recommend that!

Anyway, have a good weekend!

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