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Courthouse Steps Quilt Block Pattern


While I’m waiting for the batting to get here for this quilt and still not in the mood to finish this one, I looked through my scraps and decided to actually use some of them to make a courthouse steps quilt block.

I love this block. They’re quick (all squares and rectangles) and cute, and there are about a million different ways to approach them. I decided to use white and my more solid, colorful scraps.

Want to make one?

I’m going to give you my measurements that I used, but you can use any measurements you want. The size of my completed block is 7.5 inches square.

Cut a 2 inch square.

two inch square to use in the middle of block

Now cut 2 rectangles (2 inches long ((the same length as the white square)) and 1.5 inches wide) to sew on the sides of the square.

second fabrics added to courthouse step quilt block

Pin both pieces of fabric, right sides together, to the white square.

second fabrics pinned to quilt block

Sew them together. It looks like I’m going to sew over my pins, but I’m not. You shouldn’t either! From what I hear, you can really mess up your sewing machine doing that!


Press seams to the darker fabric. (But, let me point out something I’ve noticed. I always try to press to the darker fabric when making blocks like this one, but sometimes the fabric just does not want to go in that direction. I don’t know why, any ideas? Something to do with the way I’ve sewn it, perhaps? Anyway, in that case, I usually just let the fabric do what it wants. But it is ideal, in my opinion, to press towards the darker fabric.)


ta da!

first pieces are send together

Now get another piece of fabric and cut 2 strips 1.5 inches wide and longer than the piece you just sewed with the white square. Don’t worry about measuring the length! (This is why I like making these.)

But, if you can’t stand the idea of not measuring the length, by all means, measure away! I just like not having to measure sometimes. As I’ve said before, I am many things…..but a perfectionist is not one of them!

prepare to sew next pieces to block

Now pin them (remember right sides together!) and sew just like you did before.

pin the orange strips


orange strips are sewn to square

After you press your seams towards the darker fabric, you should have this.

first step of quilt block finished

Use your rotary cutter and quilt ruler to snip the edges off to make a nice square.

rotary cut edges to make them even

Now you have this.

first step of quilt block is evened up

Now add a layer of white. (Of course, if you want to add a layer of color, that’s fine, I’m just telling you what I did.)

Just cut 2 strips 1.5 inches wide and longer than the block.

white step is added to quilt block

I won’t bore you with repetitive pictures, but just like earlier, you’ll pin those white strips to the block, sew them together, press your seams to the darker fabric, and trim the edges.

You’ll have this.

white strips sewn to quilt block

Repeat the steps again by adding strips of white to the top and bottom. 1) Cut 2 strips 1.5 inches wide and longer than the square. 2) Pin them to the square. 3) Sew. 4) Press seams towards darker fabric. 5) Trim edges. Done!

You’ll have this. (It’s under the quilt ruler because I was squaring it up. You can square your block any time during the process you want, you don’t have to wait until you’re finished.)

courthouse step quilt block with step of white finished

You can stop here or add as many layers as you’d like. It’s up to you.

I added one more layer of color to make it a 7.5 inch square.

courthouse step quilt block

Cute, huh? And pretty quick, too.

When (and if) I actually complete an entire quilt with these, I’ll probably put sashing between the squares.


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