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One Way I Keep Quilting Squares in Order

use plastic bags to organize quilt squares

To me, the most challenging (and sometimes frustrating) part of quilting is the transition between laying out all your squares in the order you want them and keeping them in that order before sewing them together.

A huge display wall would make it easier, but I don’t have one. And unless we move I never will. So, like most people, I improvise.

This time after I laid out all 315 blocks on the floor, I went back and picked them up, from left to right, row by row, and placed each row in a sandwich bag.

Then I labeled each bag. I put the row number and since these are hourglass blocks using white fabric + a colored fabric, I labeled whether the white fabric should be on the top or on the side.

one quilt row labeled

I usually don’t bother with the sandwich bags, I’ve only used them once before, but with this many squares I thought it would be a smart move. We’ll see if it helps this time!


  1. What a great idea. I use a photo. I’m impatient, after laying out my pieces (on Friday) I frantically sewed them together. I hate all the – get all my quilting out – put all my quilting away… Looking forward to the final sewing together of your quilt. Sarah


  1. […] is Row 2, and so on. (Since this is a much smaller, much quicker quilt, I didn’t bother doing this like I did with my hourglass […]

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