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Getting There…..

I spent about an hour doing this……

cutting fabric for hourglassquilt

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I’ve been sewing the blocks together for my son’s quilt. Next step is to cut them to make my half square triangles.

chain pieced, which helps to speed things along a little.

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Marking Lines

stack of hourglass quilt blocks

I’ve been marking away on the squares I’m using to make my son’s quilt. I decided to make hourglass blocks….. sort of…… I think. 🙂

Cutting Squares for My Next Quilt

fabric squares cut for hourglass quilt

Last week, I posted about how I found some fabric I love to make a quilt for my son’s twin bed. I spent the weekend cutting it into 5.5 inch squares….. 384 squares to be exact.

I don’t know what got into me, in the past it would have taken me a month to cut that many squares. I did it in a weekend! Whoo hoo! Improvement.

I’m about to start sewing my squares. (My favorite part!) I’m going to explain step by step what I’m doing, and I think this quilt will be a good one for a beginner, so check back soon!


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