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Postage Stamp Quilt

I only started this quilt forever ago.

postage stamp folded

I did the quilt-along with ps i quilt. And I even kept up for about 2 days!

postage stamp quilt close-up

I really didn’t think it took me that long, but I just saw that the quilt-along started in January 2011. Going on TWO years. I’ve actually had it finished for a couple of months, but I just now took some pictures.

another postage stamp quilt picture

Despite how long it took me to finish, it was a fun quilt to make. Like most of the quilts I make, I actually finished the quilt top pretty fast and then took forever with the backing and quilting. And I love the way it turned out. I used Central Park by Moda.

another postage stamp quilt picture postage stamp quilt

I made a pieced backing, which I blogged about awhile ago.

pieced backing of postage stamp quilt

I love that it looks like it would take you forever to make, but in reality, it’s a pretty quick one. (As long as you don’t throw it to the side and start 12 other projects before you finish it completely, that is.)

folded postage stamp quilt



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