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Happy Thursday!


~ afghan my grandmother found years ago at a church tag sale, love it ~

Quilt Basting on My Dining Room Table

pinwheel quilt is basted

Basting is the process of putting your backing, batting and quilt top together. (Quilters refer to this as a quilt sandwich.)

To me, basting is pretty much the most frustrating part of quilting, mainly because I don’t have a great space in which to do it. In the past, I’ve basted my quilts on my den’s floor, but that is noooo fun.

The only big enough space we have that’s not on the floor is our dining room table, and I’ve always been scared I’d scratch it with my safety pins, so I’ve stayed away from that, until now! 🙂

I decided to use my quilting mat to protect the table, I moved the mat around as I pinned to keep from scratching up my table, and it worked pretty well. Not perfectly, but I enjoyed the process much more than when I baste on the floor and I think it did turn out a little better.

Now, this quilt is a small one, I made it for my 5 year old, so the smallish size made it easier. I’m going to try it with a bigger quilt (if I ever get the time to make one again!) and I think it will work, but I’m anticipating it being more challenging because of the size.

So….. Here’s what I did.

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Happy Thursday!


~ it’s about that time! ~

Happy Thursday!

antique bell mason jars

~ my latest obsession, antique mason jars ~


Pinwheel Quilt Tutorial (Using 2 Fabrics + Sashing)

If you want to make a pinwheel quilt like the one above, here are the directions. The finished size is 43.5 x 50.5.

This is a 2 part tutorial, and today’s post is for the quilt top. I should have the finished quilt post up in about a week.

~ Just a little aside, I made this for my 5 year old son and he loves it, (trains!) but I don’t think there’s nearly enough contrast in the fabrics. My next one will have more. I said that to tell you that you might like yours more if you have more contrast, but if you just want to use fabric that you have, (like I did) go for it! 🙂 ~

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Happy Thursday!

~ taken in the mountains of East Tennessee ~


A Few Quilting Tips

I wrote this post planning on using it to go along with the pinwheel quilt tutorial I’ll be posting soon. But after I was done, I realized it applies to any quilt you might make.

This post might or might not seem like common sense. Either way, I’ve listed some things I do to speed up the quilting process a bit.  It’s nothing earth-shattering, but when I started quilting, I didn’t do them. Now I do, and quilting is even better than it used to be!

First, I usually cut all my fabric at the same time.

cutting several fabric pieces at once

I make stacks of cut fabric and stacks of blocks waiting to be sewn. There’s usually no reason to completely finish one block at a time. This is a stack of small blocks waiting to be sewn together.

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