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Make Your Own Duvet Cover! (It’s really not that hard!)

I’ve been wanting to replace my duvet cover for forever. But I put it off, trying to figure out the easiest way to make one. Then, a few weeks ago, we stayed in a hotel and our bed’s duvet cover was nothing more than a giant pillow case, which I hoped knew I could totally replicate. 🙂

So here’s what I did. (Disclaimer! I do not consider this a tutorial, more like a guide. I made up so much as I went that I’m sure I left plenty of things out. But, believe me, if I can do this, you can, too! Email me if you you have any questions and I’ll try to help!)

I wanted it to look kind of quiltish, so I used blocks to make the top.

I used one patterned fabric and white for my blocks. I chose Morning Glory by Amy Butler from her Lotus collection for my patterned fabric and an old sheet for the white. I put a strip around the edges to give it a little kick and used Full Moon Polka Dot Cherry, also from Butler’s Lotus collection.

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How to Make a Pleated Bed Skirt (the super easy way!)

I made myself a new duvet cover (post coming up soon!) and needed a new bed skirt because the old one didn’t work, at all.

I wanted white and I didn’t want to spend much money, so I ended up going with duck fabric. I had never worked with it before, but, I loved it. It was so easy to maneuver. I might just have to try out some slipcovers if I get a little braver!

In case you were wondering, duck fabric is pretty much the same thing as canvas, although the kind I bought is very lightweight. You can find it almost anywhere…. Hancocks, Joannes, Wal*Mart, etc. People use it to make slipcovers.

This is how I made my bed skirt, it was so easy, however,  you will never see this in a Pottery Barn catalogue. 🙂

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How to Make a Pillow Case from an Old Sheet

If you have an old sheet lying around, then you can whip these up in no time. And, for the best results, I recommend using the oldest, softest sheet you can find. (So it might not be the prettiest pillow case you’ve ever seen, but it will be the most comfortable!) Old sheets make the. best. pillowcases. ever. My 3 year old calls them “cold pillows,” I guess because the fabric is so cool and soft to the touch. In fact, he’ll wake up in the middle of the night screaming for his cold pillow if it’s fallen on the floor and he can’t find it. 🙂

First, measure an old pillow case to figure out how much fabric you need. My pillow case was 18 inches wide and 31.5 inches long. So I needed my fabric to measure 37 inches by 32.5. (18 + 18 = 36 and + 1 for seam allowances = 37 inches.) (31.5 + 1 for seam allowances)

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What is the Right Side of Fabric?

This post is part of my Beginner Sewing Series. 

Another seemingly simple sewing term that I remember figuring out was the “right side” of the fabric and figuring out how to, “place right sides together.” Maybe I should have known but I didn’t. I had never sewn before. Everything was new to me.

So, in case you’re in the position I was once in…….

The right side of the fabric is the side that is meant to be seen.

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A-Frame Tent for My Kids

My boys love having little hideaways where they can play. When I came across this tutorial the other day, I knew they’d love it… and they do!

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What is a Raw Edge in Sewing?

This post is part of my Beginner Sewing Series.

So, what is a raw edge?

A raw edge is, basically, the edge of the fabric that hasn’t had anything done to it and it will probably have at least a few little strings coming off if it.

Here’s a picture of a raw edge.

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Beginner Sewing Series @ Just Quilty

Over the last 4 years, I’ve basically taught myself how to sew. One of my best friends introduced me to the basics of quilting and taught me a little about my sewing machine, but other than that I’ve spent the past few years scouring the Internet and reading books and magazines to figure things out.

While I’ve found no shortage of wonderful tutorials of amazing things I could make, I’ve sometimes had a little bit harder time figuring out the simple stuff.

So I’ve decided to put together a little ongoing series where I will try to explain some basic sewing terms. They’ll be the ones that I remember having trouble figuring out.

Here’s a list of what I plan to cover. I’ll link here to the post after it’s done and add something whenever I think of it.

How to zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.

What is a raw edge? 

What does the “right side of fabric” and “place right sides together mean?

How to attach a walking foot to a sewing machine.

Chain piecing quilt blocks.

Squaring up quilt blocks.

What is an invisible stitch?

What is a seam allowance?

How to back stitch on a sewing machine.


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