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Holiday Decorating: Make a Wreath out of Holly Berries

My finished Christmas wreath, waiting to be hung in my kitchen window.

I wanted to dress up the four windows in my kitchen and dining room for the holidays, so I decided to make a wreath for each window. This was a very easy project, but not as quick as I thought it would be.

If you want to make your own, here’s what you’ll need. Hot glue gun, spray paint, wreath, (The wreath was originally white, but I took the picture after I spray painted it brown.) wire cutter, red marker and berries.

You don’t have to spray paint your wreath, but some of the it is going to show under the berries, so spray painting it a dark color camouflages the white styrofoam a bit. You could use any dark color, I used brown because that’s what I had, but forest green would also work well and I think black would be fine, too.┬áSince you’re covering the wreath with berries, don’t worry about doing a thorough job. One coat is plenty.

I bought a berry garland at Michaels and snipped the branches off. (If you do this, know that scissors probably won’t work. I used a pair of hand pruning shears, but a wire cutter would probably work better.)

After detaching all the berries, I used my hot glue gun to glue them to the wreath. Since I used a styrofoam wreath it was easy to push and arrange the berries so that they covered the it.

The berries, it turned out, were also styrofoam and during the process of cutting, gluing, and arranging some of them chipped off and the white styrofoam was revealed. I just took a red marker and colored in the spots.

Now you can hang it up! (I plan on using burlap to hang them in my windows.)

I think this project turned out great. But, it did take a good bit longer than I anticipated. It took me about an hour to finish this one, mainly because I wanted it to look really full, so I spent a lot of time gluing berry pieces on top of each other and on the wreath’s sides. I still have 3 to go. Maybe I’ll get them all done before it’s time to take them down in January!

(Also, I would recommend doing this in a ventilated area, especially the spray painting. I’m just guessing, but I would think breathing in spray paint and hot glue on styrofoam isn’t exactly good for you.)

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